I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention…

Mea culpa…haven’t been updating my website. I’ll try to turn that around with a few bits of news…

I’ll be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Washington and am looking forward to seeing pals and hanging out. I’m doing a workshop panel with Joe Haldeman, Lee Modesitt, and Janeen Webb on Thursday, November 6th. It will run from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, unless we all decide to go out for a beer <Grin>.  Description follows:

“Critics have articulated rules for creating counterfactual fiction.  Jack Dann has formulated a set of embracing concepts he believes are central to the craft.  He and his fellow panelists examine these general concepts and explain the process and pitfalls of writing alternate history. To register, send an email to history@worldfantasy2014.org

Should be fun. The more the merrier!

I’m also slated to be on a panel with Eileen Gunn, David Coe, Jean Marie Ward, and Rick Wilber on Saturday, November 8th. The panel is titled “Historical People in Fantasy.”

“When using Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, or perhaps on of the most used names, Nikola Tesla and other real people as characters in fiction, what liberties can an author take and what holes do they have to fill? How close to the real Jack Kerouac does Nick Mamatas get in Move Under Ground? What do creators owe to history, especially if the players are in a new world as in Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series. The panel will discuss where historical truth meets literary license.”

See everyone there!



Melbourne Jewish Writers’ Festival…

I did my reading today at the Melbourne Jewish Writers’ Festival, which was held at the Lamm Jewish Library in Caufield South. It was a great gig. I read my story “Tea” from my retrospective collection Jubilee, and the audience was enthusiastic and welcoming. You know, there are some days–there aren’t all that many of them, alas–when it’s great to be a writer.  A blessing on everyone’s head!

Just fyi…my schedule at the Continuum X convention in melbourne

(Here are the convention details, should you need them: CLICK HERE)

It looks like it’s going to be a busy convention:

“Twenty Years in the Making: A Conversation with Jack Dann”,  Saturday 11:00-11:30 in The Big Top with: Jack Dann, Gillian Polack, and Jason Nahrung.

To celebrate Jack Dann’s twenty years in Australia, Satalyte Publishing is sponsoring the event: Twenty Years in the Making: In Conversation with Jack Dann. Jack will be interviewed by authors Jason Nahrung and Gillian Polack about his life and work and influence on Australian science fiction and fantasy. 

We will also be launching the ebook version of Jack’s collection Jubilee, which Locus called “intelligent, moving short stories of the highest order”…and the weekend Australian wrote: “Lyrical, potent, beautifully written, Jubilee showcases the life of one of our leading fantasists.”

So come along to the celebration. We promise some surprises!

“What Writers Must Do To Write Professional Fiction: A No-nonsense Workshop with Jack Dann”, Sunday 9:30-12:00 in Sideshow Alley.

“Book Launch: Use Only As Directed”, with Jack Dann launching, Saturday 13:00-13:30 in Sideshow Alley.

“Reading”,  Sunday 15:00-16:00 in Sideshow Alley (Ambelin Kwaymullina and Leonie Rogers are also reading in this time-slot).

Panel: “Live Slushpile”,  Sunday 16:00-17:00 in The Hall of Mirrors (With Cat Sparks, Tehani Wessely, Sue Bursztynski, and Amanda Pillar).

Panel: “Researching Other Cultures”15:00-16:00 in The Big Top  (With Cat Sparks, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Gillian Polack, and Tracy Joyce).

And I will also be presenting the Chronos Award for Best Short Fiction at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, which should be fun.

My workshop at Continuum…

This is just a heads-up for those who might be interested in attending my workshop at Continuum X, the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention.  I’m told there has been strong interest–well, we all know that writers are masochists by definition <Grin>.  The workshop will be held on Sunday, June 9th from 9:30-12:00. Here are the details: CLICK HERE

If you’d like an idea what I’ll (most likely) be discussing, take a look at this short video I did for the Queensland Writers’ Centre. I should mention in advance that the low technical quality is the fault of the speaker, not the Centre.  CLICK HERE

This new Jack Dann website is a work-in-progress…

We’re working on this website. We’re in the process of updating the information, and soon we’ll merge both websites so you can click jackdann.com or jackdann.com.au and reach the same site.  There will be more functionality–a bookstore, etc.–in the near future. This website is being built by my new e-book publisher, Satalyte Publishing.

Thanks for taking a look. More stuff on the way…