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This new Jack Dann website is a work-in-progress…

We’re working on this website. We’re in the process of updating the information, and soon we’ll merge both websites so you can click or and reach the same site.  There will be more functionality–a bookstore, etc.–in the near future. This website is being built by my new e-book publisher, Satalyte Publishing.

Thanks for taking a look. More stuff on the way…



Newcastle Writers’ Festival…

Just a head’s-up: I’ll be doing a gig with screenwriter (and pal) Mark Shirrefs at the forthcoming Newcastle Writers’ Festival. It’s called “Creativity: the Improbable Aircraft” and will be a discussion about creativity as it applies to science fiction and fantasy in film and novels. We’ll discuss such things as where ideas come from, how writers develop ideas, and the impact of form, Mark will screen his Academy-Award nominated film The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello, and I’ll read a relevant bit of my novel The Memory Cathedral.

Mark has written some of Australia’s most successful children’s television programs, including The Girl from Tomorrow and the Spellbinder series.

The discussion will take place at the Newcastle City Hall at 1:30 pm on Sunday, April 6th. Tickets available at the door. For more information, CLICK.

New audio books…

I just discovered that three of my books–The Man Who Melted, The Silent, and Promised Land–are out from Audible as audiobooks. No reviews yet, so if anyone wants to post something, it would be most appreciated. Wouldn’t mind counteracting a nasty non-reading Amazon reader ‘s review of The Man Who Melted. Man, do I seem to upset some people! [Grin]

You can find out about the books at Audible: CLICK HERE

“Camps” reprinted in Fresh Fear…

Still trying to clear my desk and e-mail queue after being in Great Britain. Basically unearthing news that should have been posted last month. This…the latest: Fresh Fear, a horror anthology edited by William Cook, will feature a reprint of my story “Camps.” 

Plot summary of the story: A young man dying in a hospital is having recurring dreams that he is in a concentration camp. His nurse—who had been one of the first women to enter the camps at the end of the Second World War—discovers that his dreams are real. “Camps” was shortlisted for the Nebula Award, the British Science Fiction Award, the Locus Award, and ranked #2 in the 2005 Locus All-time Fantasy Story Poll.
Information about the anthology can be found at the editor’s website: CLICK HERE

Galaxy’s Edge Magazine…

Just back from the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton. Was a terrific con. Then to London, and now back in Australia. Much happening, which I’ll announce, but the latest is a reprint of my story “Timetipping” in Mike Resnick’s (editor) excellent online magazine Galaxy’s Edge. To find the story,  CLICK HERE.

And, as you can see, it was a very serious convention:

Left to right: Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, Jack Dann