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Dreaming in the Dark…a sneak peek!

Dreaming in the Dark, the first volume in the new PS Australia line, will be out in November; and here’s a sneak peek of the cover:


Our Table of Contents:

Welcome to the Golden Age:
        An Introduction of Sorts—Jack Dann
Sing, My Murdered Darlings—Sean Williams
Falling Angel—Paul Brandon
Martian Triptych—James Bradley
Northerner’s Farewell—Rjurik Davidson
Midnight in the Graffiti Tunnel—Terry Dowling
A Right Pretty Mate—Lisa L. Hannett
Eromon No More—Jason Nahrung
Luv Story—Kim Westwood
The Luminarium Tower—Sean McMullen
Neither Time Nor Tears—Angela Slatter
His Shining Day—Richard Harland
The Liquid Palace—Adam Browne
Heat Treatment—Venero Armanno
Snowflakes All the Way Down—Rosaleen Love
Served Cold—Alan Baxter
The Dog Who’d Been Dead—Anna Tambour
Fade to Grey—Janeen Webb
All those Superpowers and What Are They Good For?
       —Garth Nix
Burnt Sugar—Kirstyn McDermott
In Hornhead Wood—Kim Wilkins
Moonshine—Simon Brown

And as I wrote in the introduction:

It’s said that one of the characteristics of a good editor is the ability to read out of his or her comfort zone. Well, I can only say that every story in this volume is here because it made me nervous, made me laugh, scared me, made me think, reconsider, or just plain blew me away: i.e. knocked me out. And many of these stories are definitely out of my comfort zone. My response: ‘Oh, joy!’

Not one of the stories was bought (yes, authors need to be paid!) because the author had a big name or because the volume was light on a particular subgenre or because I had to meet a word count. If I couldn’t get the stories, then I’d wait until I did. No conciliation, no accommodation, no concession. Well, okay, I lied: I did have to make one accommodation: I had a word limit. I couldn’t buy the universe. But I sure as hell tried to buy the best of it!

Dreaming in the Dark can be pre-ordered HERE.

More Dreaming news as it happens…

Just checking…

I’ve been negligent updating my website, but I’m determined to remedy that. One reason I’ve let things go–and a lot has been happening!–is that WordPress isn’t doing a good job of connecting with Facebook. So this is (yet again) another test. Testing, one…two…three.



Jack’s signing at Reader’s Emporium for National Bookshop Day

I’ll be signing copies of The Rebel: Second Chance and talking (so what else is new) at Reader’s Emporium Book Store in Traralgon tomorrow (Saturday 8 August) from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm or thereabouts. The address is 121 Franklin Street, Traralgon, Victoria. Phone: 03 5176 4620.

If you’re in South Gippsland, stop over and say hello!

Cover The Rebel

The Rebel: Second Chance just out…

Satalyte Publishing has just published a special edition of my novel The Rebel in commemoration of James Dean’s death sixty years ago.

My original working title for The Rebel was Second Chance.

It was my publisher’s idea to title this edition The Rebel: Second Chance; and, indeed, it is a second chance for this novel, as it explores in greater detail the lives of James Dean, Elvis Presley, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and the Kennedys in this, my alternate history of American pop culture. This version—with its greatly expanded scope—is meant to be a deeper meditation on the construction of myth and its creators.

I appreciate this opportunity to reveal my original conception, this rather large, fully painted canvass…

You can order the book in hardcover, trade paper, or e-book format here:

Jack is a Supa-Star Guest at Supanova Pop Culture Expo, Melbourne…

We’re still trying to get the kinks out of this site, which is why there has been a dearth of posts from me. A lot has been happening,  and I’m hoping to remedy the dearth/post situation.

I’ll be doing a guest gig at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne, which is taking place this weekend, April 10-12 at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I’ll be signing all weekend and doing a Q&A panel on Sunday at 11:00 am with K.J. Taylor, Jack Dann, Traci Harding and John Scalzi. It should be great fun. Here’s the title and the brief:

When We Were Young”: Our panel of guest authors maybe natural born storytellers, but were their first attempts at writing the finely crafted narratives that we have come to expect from them now? A light-hearted peek into the early writing attempts of our guest authors, looking at their humble beginnings to becoming fan favourites today. “

And I should also have a few copies of the new chapbook interview with Lucius Shepard called Reading the Entrails.

Looking forward to seeing old and new pals. So if you’re attending, do say hi!

More soon (he writes with great confidence).

I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention…

Mea culpa…haven’t been updating my website. I’ll try to turn that around with a few bits of news…

I’ll be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Washington and am looking forward to seeing pals and hanging out. I’m doing a workshop panel with Joe Haldeman, Lee Modesitt, and Janeen Webb on Thursday, November 6th. It will run from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, unless we all decide to go out for a beer <Grin>.  Description follows:

“Critics have articulated rules for creating counterfactual fiction.  Jack Dann has formulated a set of embracing concepts he believes are central to the craft.  He and his fellow panelists examine these general concepts and explain the process and pitfalls of writing alternate history. To register, send an email to

Should be fun. The more the merrier!

I’m also slated to be on a panel with Eileen Gunn, David Coe, Jean Marie Ward, and Rick Wilber on Saturday, November 8th. The panel is titled “Historical People in Fantasy.”

“When using Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, or perhaps on of the most used names, Nikola Tesla and other real people as characters in fiction, what liberties can an author take and what holes do they have to fill? How close to the real Jack Kerouac does Nick Mamatas get in Move Under Ground? What do creators owe to history, especially if the players are in a new world as in Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series. The panel will discuss where historical truth meets literary license.”

See everyone there!



Just fyi…my schedule at the Continuum X convention in melbourne

(Here are the convention details, should you need them: CLICK HERE)

It looks like it’s going to be a busy convention:

“Twenty Years in the Making: A Conversation with Jack Dann”,  Saturday 11:00-11:30 in The Big Top with: Jack Dann, Gillian Polack, and Jason Nahrung.

To celebrate Jack Dann’s twenty years in Australia, Satalyte Publishing is sponsoring the event: Twenty Years in the Making: In Conversation with Jack Dann. Jack will be interviewed by authors Jason Nahrung and Gillian Polack about his life and work and influence on Australian science fiction and fantasy. 

We will also be launching the ebook version of Jack’s collection Jubilee, which Locus called “intelligent, moving short stories of the highest order”…and the weekend Australian wrote: “Lyrical, potent, beautifully written, Jubilee showcases the life of one of our leading fantasists.”

So come along to the celebration. We promise some surprises!

“What Writers Must Do To Write Professional Fiction: A No-nonsense Workshop with Jack Dann”, Sunday 9:30-12:00 in Sideshow Alley.

“Book Launch: Use Only As Directed”, with Jack Dann launching, Saturday 13:00-13:30 in Sideshow Alley.

“Reading”,  Sunday 15:00-16:00 in Sideshow Alley (Ambelin Kwaymullina and Leonie Rogers are also reading in this time-slot).

Panel: “Live Slushpile”,  Sunday 16:00-17:00 in The Hall of Mirrors (With Cat Sparks, Tehani Wessely, Sue Bursztynski, and Amanda Pillar).

Panel: “Researching Other Cultures”15:00-16:00 in The Big Top  (With Cat Sparks, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Gillian Polack, and Tracy Joyce).

And I will also be presenting the Chronos Award for Best Short Fiction at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, which should be fun.