The Rebel: Second Chance just out…

Satalyte Publishing has just published a special edition of my novel The Rebel in commemoration of James Dean’s death sixty years ago.

My original working title for The Rebel was Second Chance.

It was my publisher’s idea to title this edition The Rebel: Second Chance; and, indeed, it is a second chance for this novel, as it explores in greater detail the lives of James Dean, Elvis Presley, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and the Kennedys in this, my alternate history of American pop culture. This version—with its greatly expanded scope—is meant to be a deeper meditation on the construction of myth and its creators.

I appreciate this opportunity to reveal my original conception, this rather large, fully painted canvass…

You can order the book in hardcover, trade paper, or e-book format here:

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