Doing Some Catch-up…

During the past year or so, this unsettling time of Covid, I’ve done a few gigs: podcasts, readings, and the like. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

I was a guest on The Avram Davidson Universe Podcast, which aired January 11, 2021. My episode of the podcast can be found here. And the video of the podcast can be found here.

We discussed Avram, of course!, and also my novel Shadows in the Stone.

I was also a guest on the ReReading Wolfe Podcast, which aired July 31, 2020. My Episode of the podcast can be found here. It was great fun, and I became an ardent follower of the podcast…and I am rereading Gene’s brilliant Book of the New Sun opus.

I also did a NYRSF Readings gig on Facebook, which aired June 3, 2020. The reading was hosted by Jim Freund: I read a portion of Shadows in the Stone, and then we discussed the book. Mike Glyer in File 770 described the event better than I could. You can find his posting here.

I’ll do a catch-up of some of my novels, short fiction, and nonfiction in a future post. I’m a negligent blogger, alas. Hence these catch-ups.