New reviews for Shadows in the Stone…

“Majestic. Modern sensibilities with echoes of Milton and the second (eponymous) book of Lewis’ Perelandra trilogy. And yet, utterly distinctive. It is like reading an undiscovered classic with the pacing of a modern thriller.”

—Charles E Gannon, author of the Caine Riordan series


“The conclusion is so epic in scope and yet so personal in its impact that it feels like the story the Christian Bible never finished telling.

“Historical fantasy is a bridge between the escapism of speculative fiction and the realism of literary fiction, and Jack Dann’s Shadows in the Stone is an enthralling example of what historical fantasy looks like when done well.

“Throughout the book, the narrative is elevated by [Dann]’s voice as a writer, honed over a long career as a writer, editor, and teacher. He has mastered the art of being cryptic without descending into meaninglessness, of surprising the reader without resorting to cheap tricks, and telling a cosmic story that still centers around very believable people.”

Parallel Worlds, April 2020


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