The Economy of Light/Jubilee (Wildside Double #22

Author: Jack Dann
Publisher: Borgo Press
Published: 2011-09-15
Cover design by: Aaron Leis
Cover art by: Stephen Leary
ISBN 10: 1434435849; 13: 978-1434435842

In the tradition of the old Ace Doubles (flip one book over to read the second title), here’s the twenty-second Wildside Double: THE ECONOMY OF LIGHT, by Jack Dann. This is the story of a Nazi hunter’s journey to find the man who tortured him and murdered his family, as he penetrates the depths of the Amazon jungle to experience an extraordinary “dream time.” Michael Swanwick called this extraordinary novel a “dark quest into the heart of dreams.” It is a magnificent depiction of a modern descent into hell…and the frightening–and profoundly surprising–consequences of redemption. JUBILEE, by Jack Dann. Peter Lindsay lives in Melbourne, Australia. Charles Blackford is an American trying to relive a happier time in Athens. Both men have lost their wives. And now they must decide how to cope with the overwhelming changes being wrought by transcendent emergences from the sea. This is the quintessential “First Contact” story, a mind-bendingly brilliant exploration into what is alien…and what it means to be human. Library Journal called Jubilee “a haunting story of transformation and loss.” First-rate science fiction.