Chimera Publications have just published “Cafe Culture” and “Mohammed’s Angel” as one of the first two e-publications in the new Aurealis Duo Series…and the stories are free to download! You can find them here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/291883#download

As they write on their site:

“We asked some of Australia’s top fantasy and science fiction authors to select two of their stories tied together by a single theme and to write an introduction on how they had explored that theme — to give some insight into their writing and how they see the big issues. We also paired the writers with Australia’s top SF artists, so that each publication also showcases the illustrator. Then we released the publications in pairs. The result is the Aurealis Duos series.

“In Terrorism, Jack Dann, an expat New Yorker and multi-award winning SF author who eats Vegemite with an American accent says, ‘I didn’t feel patriotic the morning that the towers fell… I just felt that someone had burned down my house… the only way I could get my arms around the subject was to write about… us. No treatise on terrorism and suicide bombing here, just two stories that are set on the other side of the looking glass.'”

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