Various stuff…

Jack will be speaking at the convention Conflux 7 in Melbourne. The convention is taking place Saturday, October 1st – Monday, October 3rd. Jack will be doing readings, panels, launches, and will host “The Great Debate.” Information on Conflux can be found at

Ghosts by Gaslight, an anthology Jack has edited with Nick Givers, will be out in September. It has a great line-up of stories by James Morrow, Peter S. Beagle, Terry Dowling, Garth Nix, Gene Wolfe, Margo Lanagan, Sean Williams, Robert Silverberg, John Langan, John Harwood, Richard Harland, Marly Youmans, Theodora Goss, Lucius Shepard, Laird Barron, Paul Park, and Jeffrey Ford. Here is a preview of the cover:

Lastly, (for those of you who can read Polish!) Jack and Paul Brandon’s story “The Transformation of Targ” is scheduled to appear in Nowa Fantastyka, Poland’s foremost sf and fantasy magazine, in June.

“The Rapture”

Jack and Barry N. Malzberg have sold a story called “The Rapture” to the British publication Postscripts (PS Publishing). It’s about an atheist named Schwartz who lives in Brooklyn where he meets an old friend (who is dead!) and an angel that wears ill-fitting corduroy suits.

The Dragon Book…

The trade paperback edition of The Dragon Book, edited by Jack and Gardner Dozois has been published in the U.S. by Ace Books. Library Journal wrote: “Strong storytelling and new takes on a beloved topic result in a welcome addition to the literature of dragons.” Booklist called it “An enticing collection for genre fans,” and SFFWorld.reviewed it as an “eclectic array of stories featuring perhaps the most iconic figure of fantasy literature…Dann and Dozois should be commended.”

Aussiecon4: 68th Science Fiction Convention

Jack will be attending the ‘Worldcon’ in Melbourne, which is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center (MCEC). He would love to see you there. Here is a ‘shortlist’ of his speaking engagements:

Thursday 2 September
Jack Dann and Janeen Webb to launch the collection Baggage, edited by Gillian Polack
Borders South Wharf, 20 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, 1:00 pm

Friday 3 September
Panel: Write What You Know
Jack Dann, with Chris Lawson, Kim Stanley Robinson, , and Kaaron Warren
MCEC, Room P1, 1:00 pm

Saturday 4 September
Panel: Reading from the Other Shelf: When SF becomes Literature
Jack Dann with John Clute, Rani Graff, and Simon Spanton
MCEC, Room 213, 11:00 am

Panel: Finding the Right Voice: Tips, Stratagies, and Techniques for accurately Representing Speech in Fiction
Jack Dann with Karen Miller, Deborah Kalin, and Kaaron Warren
MCEC, Room 204, 4:00 pm

Jack Dann Reading: Jack reads from his work-in-progress Shadows In the Stone
MCEC, Room 207, 5:00 pm

Sunday 5 September
Jack Dann to launch the first six novels of Chimera Publications Classic Australian SF series
MCEC, Room 203, 11:00 am

Kaffeeklatch with Jack Dann: an Informal Chat with the Author
MCEC, Room 201,  12:00 pm

Panel: Dreaming Down-Under, again
Jack Dann with  Janeen Webb, Jenny Blackford, Jason Nahrung, Stephanie Smith, and others
MCEC, Room 211, 2:00

Monday, 6 September
Panel: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
Jack Dann with Ellen Kushner Robert Silverberg, and Glenda Larke
MCEC, Room  P3, 10:00 am

Panel: A House Made from Stories: Building the Anthology
Jack Dann with Ellen Datlow, Robert Silverberg, Alisa Krasnostein, and Jonathan Strahan
MCEC, Room P3, 1:00 pm