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Jack will be speaking at the convention Conflux 7 in Melbourne. The convention is taking place Saturday, October 1st – Monday, October 3rd. Jack will be doing readings, panels, launches, and will host “The Great Debate.” Information on Conflux can be found at

Ghosts by Gaslight, an anthology Jack has edited with Nick Givers, will be out in September. It has a great line-up of stories by James Morrow, Peter S. Beagle, Terry Dowling, Garth Nix, Gene Wolfe, Margo Lanagan, Sean Williams, Robert Silverberg, John Langan, John Harwood, Richard Harland, Marly Youmans, Theodora Goss, Lucius Shepard, Laird Barron, Paul Park, and Jeffrey Ford. Here is a preview of the cover:

Lastly, (for those of you who can read Polish!) Jack and Paul Brandon’s story “The Transformation of Targ” is scheduled to appear in Nowa Fantastyka, Poland’s foremost sf and fantasy magazine, in June.

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